A relaxing image of a winding wooden path alongside a peaceful lake and trees.

Apr 17 2023


Anxiety: Common Symptoms Anxiety is a complex and often overwhelming experience that can manifest in many different ways. It can take the form of physical ...
Man looks sad and pensive

Apr 6 2023


Self-Esteem We often read or hear that we should have self-esteem, or more self-esteem than we currently have, but what exactly is self-esteem, how does ...
Young boy and his mum. Boy looks fed, as if his mum doesn't understand him. Mum looks at a loss of what to do.

Mar 10 2023

Dysfunctional Parenting

Dysfunctional Childhood What is a Functional Childhood? First of all, there is no such thing as perfect parenting as all parents get it wrong at ...
Personality Aspects

Feb 13 2023

Our Personality is not Fixed Fascinating article detailing research which shows that our personality traits can change, and are not as fixed as we like to believe. Personality - ...
Two happy figures

Feb 6 2023

How to Have a Happy Life

How to have a Happy Life Read the article below from the Guardian on how to have a happy life. Things to take away Relationships ...
Attachment mum and baby

Feb 6 2023

Attachment & How it Affects You

Attachment in Childhood & How it Affects You Attachment is the quality of the emotional bond between the main caregivers and their baby (usually mum ...
Addictions & habits image

Dec 29 2022

Addictions & How to Get Rid of Them for Good

Addictions An addiction is something which is out of your control and has a negative impact on your life. Human beings can get addicted to ...
Therapist client relationship holding hands

Nov 9 2022

The Therapist & Client Relationship

Therapist-Client Relationship: A unique kind of bond The relationship between therapist and client can be a very special one. So special, in fact, that did ...
Person with a phobia

Oct 12 2022


Phobias: We Need to Talk About Richard Aww, bless Richard. I like the way he stands for hours in the living room in the same ...
Person with anxiety

Oct 4 2022

Anxiety: My Experience

Anxiety Anxiety is pretty rubbish, isn’t it? I had it for years almost day at some level or another. Some days I’d wake up and ...