Sessions will be all about you and your way forward.

Contact me in the first instance for a free chat to see if I can help you and whether we are the right fit for one another. There will never be any obligation or hard sell.

After an initial session of getting to know you and devising a personalized treatment and solution programme, most sessions will simply feel like a conversation.

We will each make a commitment to work together in order to get you to the place you want to be. For some people, this may only take around 4-6 sessions, for others, it will be longer. We’re aiming for permanent change so it’s different for everyone.

I will make you a bespoke hypnosis audio that you can listen to at any time as well as techniques that you can take away with you.

  • The first session will take around 90 minutes.
  • Subsequent sessions will be around 60 minutes.
  • I work online using Zoom so you can get therapy from the comfort of your home.
  • Evenings and weekends.
  • Single session £85
  • Package of 4 sessions: £320
  • Reduced-cost sessions available for those on low incomes.

I’m afraid not – no therapy can do this.

In fact, you'll get more out of our sessions the more committed you are to change. Most of the answers lie with you!

I’m sorry, but my professional guidelines and ethics means that there are some people I am unable to work with.

  • Those with epilepsy (hypnosis could trigger a seizure).
  • Those with a psychosis diagnosis - bi-polar disorder, personality disorders & schizophrenia (hypnosis could potentially trigger delusions or hallucinations).
  • Those already receiving counselling or therapy.
  • Pregnant women seeking therapy for emotional issues.
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Contact me for a free telephone consultation

I work online so wherever you are in the world, please contact me for a free telephone consultation to see how I can help.