Working With Me: Anxiety

Don't feel you have to struggle alone with anxiety. Many people need the help of trained therapists to deal with anxiety because there's often stuff going on beneath our conscious level we're not even aware of. I can support you to untangle your emotions, thoughts and behaviours - a process which is often impossible to do alone.

If you're ready to take that first step, please get in touch for a chat to see if we can work together.

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How Working With Me Can Help with Anxiety:

  • Get to the root of your anxious feelings.
  • Change any limiting beliefs connected to anxiety.
  • Give you tools to reduce and manage anxiety on your own.
  • Make you feel safer, more confident & much more in control.
  • Take control of your life - you won’t be at the mercy of anxiety any longer.
  • Feel safe and grounded without those awful physical feelings that often accompany anxiety.
  • Have the freedom from fear so you can do the things you actually want to do.

Working With Me: Low Self-Esteem 

Therapy Is For You If:

  • You believe that other people are better than you.
  • Your low-self esteem stops you from doing the things you want to do.
  • You have a self-critical voice which makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • You don't achieve what you could because your limiting beliefs hold you back.

How Hypnotherapy for Low Self-Esteem can Help:

  • Get to the root cause(s) of your low self-esteem and change the beliefs you have about yourself.
  • Build up your self-esteem using research-based techniques.
  • Consolidate changes through bespoke hypnosis.
  • Give you tools to improve your self-esteem which will last a lifetime.

After Therapy:

  • Feel much more confident and have a deep sense of your own worth.
  • View yourself, the world and your future with positivity, hope and a 'can-do' attitude.
  • Be more grounded even when life gets difficult.
  • Always know that you can rely on yourself and your skills.
  • Have higher levels of wellbeing and mental health.

Working With Me: Phobias

Therapy Is For You If: 

  • You have an overwhelming fear of an object, situation, animal or place.
  • This fear affects your day-to-day life.
  • Go to lengths to avoid coming into contact with your phobia.

How Working With Me Can Help with Phobias:

  • Get to the root cause of the phobia and re-organise the brain’s response to it.
  • Replace fear with a neutral or more positive emotion.
  • Reduce and manage fear and anxiety.

After Therapy:

  • Feel more relaxed and in control.
  • Live your life without fear.
  • Learn new coping strategies.



Hypnotherapy for anxiety. Anxiety wordcloud.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is usually very unpleasant. It feels unpleasant because it is a physical response – when we are anxious, chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline flood our body to prepare us to fight or flight. Whilst this is very helpful if we are in a dangerous situation, for most of us, this isn’t the case and somewhere along the line our brains have become sensitive to the stresses of modern life. We live in a very fast culture where we are encouraged to always be ‘doing’ something and achieving – no wonder our brains and emotional systems become overloaded.

It really doesn’t have to be like this though. We can learn to manage and reduce anxiety so that we can respond to life’s challenges (because, let’s face it, there will always be stuff we have to deal with) with a calmer approach so that we are in control. Because anxiety is physical, we can’t think our way out of anxiety but we can learn our body’s reaction to stress and be in charge of how to react before it feels overwhelming. And if there are any underlying beliefs which are causing anxiety, hypnotherapy can also change these too, and replace them with much more positive ones so you are less likely to feel anxious in the first place. I know this first hand because I had anxiety for years and hypnotherapy for anxiety has been amazing. I’m much more appreciative for what I have and I am less likely to dwell on the negative and worry about (what might never happen in) the future.

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Hypnotherapy for anxiety. Anxious-looking woman.